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Blog post By Paula Chiocchi on 2024-04-10

The pressure’s on for marketers. As they are being tasked to achieve more with less, they need to be extremely selective with their budgets and focus on strategically allocating resources to what moves the needle the most. Performance marketing is the answer.

Unlike brand marketing, there’s nothing subjective about the outcomes driven by performance marketing. It uses a data-driven approach that emphasizes optimization through testing and measurement including clicks, conversions, and sales. By focusing on measurable results—

what’s working and what’s not—marketers can allocate resources effectively and maximize ROI.

As the founder and CEO of a performance marketing agency (OMI), here’s what I’d like you to know about the benefits it brings to the table:

Long-term Outcomes: More than just a short-term tactic, performance marketing requires a comprehensive approach. It’s not a “one and done” strategy. It should be a part of every marketing leader’s toolkit – all the time. The aim is to drive measurable results and foster long-term business growth.


Adaptability and Scalability: Businesses need strategies that can keep pace with changing buyer behavior and new technology. By continuously analyzing data and refining tactics to deliver the best results, performance marketing strategy enables businesses to stay ahead of the curve and drive sustainable growth over the long term.


Every Click and Dollar Spent Counts: A recent AdWeek article on performance marketing points out that many marketing teams invest in certain channels simply because “it’s what we’ve always done.” But with a performance marketing strategy, you know your money is being spent on the advertising channels, audiences, and creative campaigns that are delivering the best results.


Balances Brand Marketing: Performance marketing is often compared to brand marketing for its radically different approach, but the two shouldn’t be pitted against each other. Performance marketing is designed to drive targeted traffic, conversions, and ROI, while brand marketing lets you build an emotional connection with customers and prospects and foster brand loyalty. By combining the strengths of both, businesses set themselves up for greater success.


At OMI, our performance marketing solutions deliver tangible results and drive business growth for our customers. We’ve covered some of our customer success stories in recent blogs, including how we created SMB engagement at scale – and business growth -- for a leading e-commerce platform provider, or how our omni-channel strategy exceeded expectations for the sale of multiple dental practices. Our performance marketing toolkit includes:

  • Expert Targeting and Audience Building: The most important first step with performance marketing is to reach the right people – the first time. We've built our business around high-quality third-party B2B data, viewing it as a Living File® that needs to be regularly maintained and updated. At the foundation of our offerings is our massive, award-winning B2B database, which includes 140 million contacts (all are manager- and director-level and above) with email addresses. We leverage advanced data analytics and segmentation techniques to identify and reach the most relevant target audiences for our customers.


  • Deterministic Intent Data: Intent data uses fresh digital intent signals -- sourced from your prospects’ search queries, content downloads, and website clicks – to connect you with real people who have already shown an interest in the types of products or services your brand offers. As the signals are aggregated they are sorted by industry and category using natural language processing (AI). Next, OMI layers the intent data on top of our custom audiences to ensure even more accurate targeting.


Why it’s a game changer: Deterministic digital intent monitoring uses matching algorithms to uncover unique identifiers all the way down to the device ID level to make sure you’re not targeting the wrong prospect, such as those in a group or household using a shared device. This allows you to anonymously identify individual decision-makers associated with those devices and gives you a more complete view of potential prospects -- so that you can zero in on the right ones with your marketing.

  • B2BC Data Matching: Using our cutting edge data matching services, OMI matches personal contact data to B2B data for improved marketing reach and more personalized campaigns. This enables our campaigns to reach prospects wherever they might be.


  • Transparent Media Activation: Our data-driven approach is based on transparency—relative to fees, audiences, measurement, and outcomes—and is all about delivering results. We put our clients in position to engage and activate the most accurate, targeted omni-channel audiences. This means real people that matter to your business—not bots, not made for advertising sites, and not irrelevant audiences.


Performance marketing solutions prioritize reach, effectiveness, and efficiency to ensure that every marketing dollar is spent wisely, driving incremental sales and maximizing ROI. Yes, you’ll see immediate, performance-based results, but it also lays the groundwork for sustained long-term growth.


Reach out to our team for more insight into the performance marketing solutions that will work best for your organization.

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