B2B Living File Database

The OMI Living FileTM approach takes all the risk out of database licensing by:

  • Removing or correcting inaccurate contacts through database cleansing
  • Applying ongoing data maintenance and automation to verify the validity and accuracy of your data
  • Using real-time lead delivery and automation to confirm hard bounces and replacing invalid contacts with updated information for future use
  • Maintaining email contacts at a guaranteed 95% validity

OMI Living FileTM

At OMI, we view our B2B data as a Living FileTM. We regularly maintain and update our database so that it accurately reflects the changing business environment.

Data Decay

Data decays as people move, change companies, get promoted or switch email providers, among other things. Roughly 30% of people change their email addresses every year and it’s estimated that B2B data decays up to 70% per year.

If data isn't cleansed it becomes outdated and unusable, which prevents your campaigns from reaching the right audiences. But worse than that, poor data quality can lower your email send score and land your brand on spam blacklists.

Data Accuracy

Digital marketing is only as strong as the data you’re using and the best way to fuel healthy, successful B2B campaigns is with healthy, accurate contact data. And a Living FileTM approach is the key to unlocking quality data.

Database/Service Stats

  • 67MM+ Contacts with Email
  • 15MM+ Companies
  • 50MM+ SMB Email Contacts
  • 3MM+ Small Office
    Home Office
  • 14MM+ Domains
  • 4MM+ IP Addresses
  • 50MM+ Identity Graph Contacts

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