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Blog post By Paula Chiocchi on 2024-01-31

When the advertising agency for a leading dental service organization (DSO) turned to OMI to leverage our massive healthcare database and digital marketing campaign expertise, it was no ordinary marketing challenge. The DSO provides dental practices with back-office support while offering transactional assistance when those practices are up for sale.

For their ad agency, the campaign goal was to find three dental practices interested in selling their business. Although that task sounded simple on the surface, the agency knew that, in reality, it could be like finding a needle in a haystack.

In a previous blog post, we provided a glimpse into the initial successes of our collaboration with the DSO. Now, as the campaign reaches its conclusion, we are thrilled to share the full results and that OMI exceeded the DSO’s expectations. Here’s how we did it:


We used our healthcare database to build a target audience of dental businesses spanning 10 designated market areas (DMAs). Using firmographics, we drilled down to identify companies that exhibited the characteristics of our ideal seller. We looked at factors like size and reach, annual expenditures and revenue, market trends, growth information, and more.

We decided to use an omni-channel campaign strategy anchored by display ads and email to capture the interest of potential sellers. We executed a two-pronged channel strategy, which included sending emails and serving digital ads to the same targeted audiences. Emails were sent twice to qualified recipients across the 10 targeted DMAs, with nearly 300,000 emails sent overall. Users who engaged one channel were automatically "triggered" to get a follow-up message or ad on the other channel within 24 hours.


From the beginning, the agency leaders admitted they had little hope of identifying a dental practice interested in selling – especially since previous campaigns had not generated the leads they had anticipated. They had secured only two leads in one year and considered three or more to be a success.

OMI had a different perspective. We had confidence in the quality and accuracy of our data-- along with the precision of our intent signals--and knew that if we targeted the right prospects, we would find business owners interested in selling. After just a few months, the OMI campaign converted six potential sellers from ongoing daily display ads and identified two conversions/prospects from the email portion of the campaign.

The agency was beyond happy with the results. One of the executives said, “There's nothing quite like achieving a goal that you thought was nearly impossible to achieve. It was an incredible experience to have OMI’s omni-channel campaign exceed all expectations and enable us to do just that.”

Four key factors contributed to the campaign's success:

  • Omni-channel Expertise: Our deep experience with omni-channel campaigns made all the difference. We know how to zero in on the right prospects and have the media activation expertise to choose the best channels, plan sequencing, and more. Whether you're looking for thousands of new prospects or need to find only three (which was the case with the ad agency), our team can guide you.


  • Triggered Campaign Strategy: OMI’s strategy included sending emails and serving digital ads to the same targeted audiences. Users who engaged one channel were automatically "triggered" to get a follow-up message or ad on the other channel within 24 hours. This integrated strategy is unique to OMI and was one of the most significant reasons behind the campaign's success.


  • Database Size: OMI’s healthcare database is one of the largest known healthcare email marketing databases in the U.S. It includes physicians, dentists, office managers, nurses, and allied healthcare providers, with more than 1.5MM contacts with email. It targets decision-makers for hospitals, group practices, clinics, and single practitioners -- with records that include corporate email addresses linked to the healthcare practice and a physical address. If you want to reach healthcare businesses, the OMI B2B healthcare database is for you.


  • Deterministic Data: The power of deterministic data for intent data is widely known, but at OMI, we also apply deterministic data to digital campaigns using our proprietary data. A huge benefit to proprietary data is the ability to target all the way down to the individual decision-maker level based on device attributes. At OMI, we use deterministic cross-device tracking, which utilizes consumer logins as an identifier to match multiple devices to a single user instead of a group of users that may share a device. This method tends to have higher accuracy since consumer login information is unique to an individual.


Achieving the seemingly impossible is an experience like no other, and our recent success in this digital marketing campaign was no exception. It's a great feeling when we can deliver what they hoped for and exceed their expectations. We had confidence in the quality and accuracy of our data and knew that if we targeted the right businesses, we would achieve our client’s goal.


Reach out to our team for assistance in reaching your most important marketing goals – even if they seem out of reach. We are always ready for a challenge!


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