How OMI Drove SMB Engagement at Scale for a Leading E-commerce Platform Provider

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Blog post By Paula Chiocchi on 2024-02-28

When a leading global e-commerce platform provider set its sights on growing its business with SMBs (small-to-midsize businesses), it turned to OMI to get the job done. Before diving into all the details, here’s what the provider had to say about our work:

We knew we needed a data partner we could trust to take on this important initiative. Based on my experience with OMI and the accuracy and quality of their data, as well as their leadership in the SMB space, I knew they were the best choice. The results – from reach to ROI -- have been outstanding and we’re just getting started.”

– Third-Party Data Executive, Leading E-commerce Platform Provider


A Golden Opportunity

With a platform that is recognized as a leading marketplace for consumers, the provider saw a golden opportunity to give SMBs a way to reach and engage those audiences. With the aim of creating a win-win situation, it sought to establish advertising partnerships that generated growth for SMBs through shopping, streaming, and advertising signals -- and growth for the platform as well.

To jump-start the initiative, the marketing team put together a trial offer for SMBs, with a promotional credit for signing up to activate their first ad on the platform. Before launching the offer, the team recognized that they first needed to build an audience of SMBs that aligned with their ideal customer profile.

To solve for that challenge, the team sought out a third-party data and media activation partner that could successfully fuel an SMB-focused omni-channel campaign anchored by accuracy, precision, and scale.

That partner became OMI. Here’s the program we put together to ensure the campaign’s success:

  • Data Solution: The business leader overseeing third-party data for the provider had first-hand experience working with OMI. He knew that our U.S.-focused SMB database, one of the world’s largest with more than 95 million SMB records (with email addresses and social URLs) could power strong results out the gate.


  • Media Activation: OMI was tapped not only as the third-party data provider for the first test campaign, but also to execute media activation for ads on both LinkedIn and Meta as well as email delivery to 900,000 SMB contacts.


  • Data Matching: OMI leveraged its “B2B2C” data matching capabilities, where personal contact data is matched to B2B data records to power improved marketing reach and more personalized campaigns.


  • Intent Data: The campaign also included the use of OMI’s probabilistic intent data services to connect with SMB audiences aligned with the platform provider’s goals. Fresh digital intent signals were sourced from search queries, content downloads, and website clicks -- and then sorted by industry and category using natural language processing (AI).


  • Custom Audience: The custom SMB audience consisted of decision-makers across targeted industries such as automotive, construction, education, and much more.


Here are the outcomes we achieved in a few short months:

  • Exceptional Performance: OMI’s data outperformed the data used by the provider’s dedicated advertising agency for the same program by a whopping 50%, based on metrics such as time on page (for website visits) and ad sign-ups.


  • Data Quality Perfection: OMI’s data was analyzed as having a 3% error factor – which is considered nearly perfect in the data industry.


  • Outstanding Match Rate: The OMI B2B2C match rate was 70% to LinkedIn and 42% to Meta, which is regarded as outstanding.


  • Consistently High Open Rates: OMI conducted a single e-mail send to 900,000 prospects and achieved a 14% cold open rate.


  • Innovative Intent Data Strategy: Using intent signals across all data records, we achieved a 24% open rate. Additionally, the data that was overlaid with media spend research achieved even stronger results, with a 35% open rate.


My most important takeaway from these exceptional outcomes is this: Relationships build trust, and when it came time to choose a data and media activation partner, the decision-maker – who is a long-time friend and ally of OMI (not to mention a leader in our industry) -- had supreme confidence in us. He trusted not only the quality of our data but also our team and the marketing expertise we bring to the table.

We’re thrilled to report that the provider has already committed to OMI for future campaigns. We look forward to more work with them in the near future and will be sure to update you on our progress.


Reach out to our team today if you need a data and media activation partner you can trust for your SMB initiatives.



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