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Database Cleansing

Contact data DECAYS 3-5% per month! Are you keeping your database clean, accurate and up-to-date?

Companies source email contact data from multiple suppliers with varying degrees of quality in relation to channel points: postal, phone, email and URL. OMI runs a deep clean on these databases as a batch project in order to remove invalid email data that can lower the send score and threaten the reputation of a marketer which may affect email marketing efforts. OMI's cleanse process will strengthen the accuracy of the full record and the associated email contacts. OMI recommends our automated ongoing email maintenance program in order to align with industry best practices for email marketing.

The Challenge

How do you maintain a clean and accurate database without running the risk of removing valuable contacts? More often than not, when marketers come across invalid or out-of-date contact data, instead of taking the time to make corrections or purge the contact, they make the mistake of leaving the data untouched.

As digital marketing continues to evolve and change, so do the challenges of maintaining a useful and impactful prospect and/or customer database. A few of these challenges include:

    • Poor data quality
    • Maintaining Accurate, Up-To-Date Records
    • Purging Only Invalid Records
    • Budget Waste
    • Privacy Laws
    • Segmenting Into Relevant Targeted Audiences

The Solution

Use a database cleansing service to enhance and append valid records. Most importantly, purge invalid or out-of-date data without eliminating high-value prospect records.

OMI's proven "EXACT MATCH" approach is the answer!

Our Process

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Leading Multi-National Telecom Provider Boosts Email Marketing Success with OMI Database Cleansing Service

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