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Blog post By Paula Chiocchi on 2024-01-17

Looking at the year ahead, our team has one goal in mind: to empower you--our clients--to connect with the right prospects to scale growth for your brand. To provide you with ideas and inspiration for achieving scalable business growth in 2024 and beyond, here’s a look back at our top innovations, milestones, and real customer snapshots from the past year:


  1.  Launching Media Audience Activation Backed by Real-Time Intent Signals

We partnered with a cutting-edge data consortium for media activation and programmatic digital media buying to give clients a better way to activate highly accurate B2B and B2C audiences using:

- Deterministic data down to the individual level for optimum accuracy and better results

Real-time intent signals

- Proven programmatic digital media buying expertise

- OMI’s massive B2BC contact database*

           *OMI’s B2C email data is not available for client in-house licensing


  1.  Growing our Massive B2BC Email Database to 145 Million Contacts

You told us you wanted to reach more prospects to move the needle for your business and we delivered. We expanded our award-winning B2BC database to 145 million B2B contacts by:

- Adding over 20 million enterprise-level contacts and 8 million SMB decision-maker contacts

- Adding 800,000 independent contractors and over 60 million social URLs to our database


  1.  Decoding Today’s Enterprise Digital Display Advertising Landscape

In partnership with Ascend2, we co-authored thought-provoking research, featured in Spiceworks and other leading publications, to decode today’s changing market for you. The report unpacks the digital priorities of enterprise marketing professionals employed at companies with 500 or more employees. Go here to view the report.


  1.  Customer Snapshot: Achieving 25X ROI for a Fortune 20 Telecom Provider

A leading global telecom and wireless network provider turned to OMI in 2023 to scale sales growth for their business-critical, nationwide fiber-lit buildings program. Check out the blog case study here to see how our email acquisition campaign exceeded expectations by:

- Increasing the scale and reach of their 2022 campaign by over 300%

- Achieving exceptional LTV ROI of $2.1 million

- Driving marketing ROI of 25 to 1 – a return of $25 for every dollar spent

- Attaining a sustained email deliverability rate of 90.78%


  1.  Customer Snapshot: OMI's Omnichannel Strategy in a Medical Business Sale

When the advertising agency for a leading dental service organization (DSO) turned to OMI to identify dental practices that might be ready to sell their businesses, OMI innovated a highly successful omnichannel strategy. Read the case study blog here for insights into how our strategy:


 - Converted six potential sellers from ongoing daily display ads in just a few months

      - Identified two prospects from the email portion of the campaign

 - Used an integrated approach unique to OMI: Prospects who engaged email were automatically "triggered" to get a     follow-up display ad – and vice versa -- within 24 hours

 - Leveraged deterministic data and OMI’s massive healthcare database, containing more than 1.5MM contacts with   email, to zero in on the right prospects


OMI’s data, tools and decades of expertise empower you to zero in on your ideal customers with precision, so that you can grow your business faster. Reach out to our team today. We are ready to assist you in achieving your sales, marketing, and overall business goals!


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