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Outward Media, Inc. Announces New B2B Marketing Database Milestone with 117 Million Contacts Now Available

OMI Press Release | Date: 2023-03-13

B2B marketing data provider fuels digital marketing campaigns for leading brands; offers one of the largest US-focused SMB databases; and guarantees 95% email validity for 30 days

LOS ANGELES – March 14, 2023 -- Outward Media, Inc. (OMI), a leading provider of multi-channel marketing data that fuels digital campaigns, today announced its business-to-business (B2B) database exceeds 117 million manager- and professional-level and above contacts with validated email addresses, spanning more than 18 million businesses. This milestone marks a 150% increase since 2017.

“Marketing today is predominantly data-driven. By growing our database to over 117 million contacts with validated email addresses, we are enabling OMI clients to better reach the right qualified decision-makers to drive business growth,” said Paula Chiocchi, CEO, OMI.

The expanded database includes 87 million small-and-mid-sized business (SMB) records, making it one of the largest U.S.-focused SMB databases in the world. Maintaining accurate data can be a challenge especially for SMB contacts, as they often change personnel and email addresses more frequently than larger companies.

OMI performs routine database cleansing -- a process of analyzing, validating, purging, updating and replacing data to ensure ongoing accuracy. Following data decay from the pandemic and Great Resignation, more than 13 million invalid contacts with email addresses were removed even while OMI continued to increase the size of the database. The company is recognized for guaranteeing 95% email validity for 30 days.

“Accurate data is vital for digital marketing, personalization, audience building, account-based marketing (ABM) and other initiatives. It enables businesses to identify, connect and engage with the right prospects and decision makers at the right time and achieve greater efficiency and ROI across their campaigns,” Chiocchi said.

Anonymized Data Addressed Privacy Concerns

In line with growing consumer concerns around privacy, OMI has partnered with data marketplace leaders including Snowflake and LiveRamp to offer anonymized data options to address those concerns.

“Our data partnerships demonstrate our commitment to balancing the importance of data privacy with the need for accurate, high-quality data that fuels successful marketing outreach,” Chiocchi states. “The Snowflake and LiveRamp marketplaces offer anonymized data options, allowing customers to connect third-party data, such as OMI’s, to their preferred martech platforms to power digital campaigns. The anonymized data is available to both brands and agencies."

OMI offers access to its B2B contacts and audience segments on both the Snowflake Media Data Cloud and the LiveRamp Data Marketplace. These contacts are matched to digital IDs to drive digital campaigns with powerful reach and accuracy.

OMI Services: Fueling Digital Marketing Campaigns, ABM and More

OMI views its B2B data as a Living File® and regularly maintains and updates its database so that it accurately reflects the changing business environment. All contacts include business name, contact name, phone, business postal address, job title and various business firmographics. The data is digitally formatted to power display and social media campaigns and improve reach and accuracy for ABM initiatives.

In addition, OMI also offers the following services:

- Intent Monitoring: OMI offers 14+ billion digital intent signals each week to clients based on their pre-defined parameters. The signals are sourced from search queries, content downloads and website clicks -- which are then sorted by industry and category using natural language processing (AI).

- Email Campaign Management: With reputation risks to sender domains and IP addresses accelerating, OMI offers clients an acquisition email campaign management service that adheres to best practices to ensure successful email delivery.

- B2B Database Cleansing: OMI performs deep cleanses on B2B databases as a service for clients, covering all channel points and all data sources, using a professional grade, automated process. All invalid contact data is removed and replaced with fresh, accurate data where possible.

About Outward Media, Inc.
Outward Media, Inc. (OMI) provides companies of all sizes with quality business contact data along with intent monitoring data, data cleansing services, comprehensive email marketing campaigning services, and a full complement of analytical services to generate quality leads and achieve a high return on investment. Delivering access to 87 million small-to-midsize business (SMB) email contacts across 18 million businesses, and more than 117 million email addresses overall including manager-level and above titles, OMI is best known for its 30-day 95% email data validity guarantee. For more information, visit or call 310-274-5312.

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