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Find and connect with your ideal prospects. Define and select your targets to expand your reach. Empower your sales and marketing teams with accurate, complete contact data.

Our Story

If a business wants to grow, it needs to find new customers. Since our founding in 1998, OMI has been dedicated to empowering companies to do just that. Our high-quality business contact data is used by Fortune 1000 firms and start-ups alike to fuel modern digital marketing initiatives – from intent monitoring and email marketing, to display ads, social media and more.

What We Do

OMI offers the industry’s most comprehensive business-to-business (B2B) database and also maintains a specialty vertical medical database , giving you access to more than 67MM+ decision makers. Our data enables you to connect with targeted buyers and influencers, scale your marketing reach, and ultimately, convert more prospects into customers.

OMI uses techniques such as audience building and IP address tracking to power precision targeting, allowing you to reach the right decision makers for your solutions – at the right time in their buying journey.

And because clean data is the only way to drive success with digital marketing, OMI has invested in specialized tools and expertise to provide professional grade database cleansing services. We save our clients countless hours of time and all the costs and aggravation associated with database maintenance and optimization.

Who We Are

Since our founding in 1998, from our offices in Los Angeles, OMI continues to pioneer new approaches to data-driven customer acquisition and lead generation. Our high-quality business contact data is used by Fortune 1000 firms and start-ups alike to fuel modern digital marketing initiatives – from intent monitoring and email marketing, to display ads, social media and more. And while our data is what differentiates us, it’s our experienced data scientists that ensure our clients achieve their marketing goals. Read more about our leadership team here.

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Email Marketing

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Medical Database

Database Cleansing

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Learning The Fundamentals

At OMI, we believe good things happen when you share your knowledge. That’s why we’re proud to educate marketers at every level – in every size and type of organization – about the basics of email marketing and the contact data that powers it . Our goal is to create a better understanding of what goes into email marketing so that you can improve what you get out of it.

Need insight into what will make your campaign stand out from the rest? Ask for a free consultation. Or, get started by taking a look at our 10-track video series covering all the essential building blocks of email data and acquisition email marketing.

Intro to Data Marketing

Intro to Definitions of Prospect Data

Intro to EPSs: Cost-Benefit Analysis

Intro to Data-Powered Email