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Blog post By Paula Chiocchi on 2016-08-24

High-quality email data is essential to email marketing success. But not every company has a rock-solid email list to draw upon, especially as they look to expand their marketing reach or move into new markets. That’s why we’re very excited to share our big news this week: we’ve achieved a new milestone at OMI with more than 40 million B2B email records now available for Fortune 1000 firms and other organizations to leverage. Of those 40 million records, 28 million are small to midsize (SMB) email addresses


When working with OMI, clients can select their desired business contact data based on geographic location, organization size, executive title (manager level and above), industry and more. We have a wide range of business contacts for you to choose from so that you’re sure to be able to zero in on the target markets that are most important to you.


Besides our volume of data, what makes us really stand out is our data licensing model, which gives our clients unlimited use of the targeted data they select for a full year—as opposed to buying a one-time use list. It’s an innovative approach to email data, and it’s something we’re proud to have pioneered in our industry.


Our database expansion comes as poor data quality is running rampant across the email data industry. In fact, most B2B email datasets erode at a rate of 3-4 percent per month, with people moving on to new positions, and businesses opening and closing their doors almost daily. As a result, many of these datasets become outdated within a few months time – unless they are properly managed and maintained.


But because our email data is constantly enriched and updated at OMI, we’ve built a longstanding reputation for data quality. This has enabled us to offer our customers a 95 percent validity guarantee, which is very unique in our industry.


Serious Data Cleansing and Enrichment

At OMI, ongoing analysis of email data is performed, including correcting all types of common errors; identifying and flagging email addresses that could result in blocking and/or spamming; removal of “negative” email addresses associated with spam traps; bogus and malicious email addresses; and more.

Our experts also ensure that all email data is verified as valid – not once, but multiple times – before it is given to the customer. This starts with an effective approach to email data compilation using our proprietary data validation practices.


Between our licensing model and our data validity guarantee, at OMI we’re doing everything we can to take the risk and fear out of acquiring email data. Now, with the addition of several million more email data records, our clients can tap into the largest and most accurate B2B email database in the business to expand the scope and scale of their initiatives and achieve even greater email marketing success.


We think this news is pretty special, and it’s yet another proof point that everything we do is with a goal of increasing email marketing ROI to deliver the outcomes our clients want -- whether it’s acquiring new customers, increasing sales or driving traffic to their websites.


Feel free to contact us to find out how we can help you develop and execute a winning email marketing strategy. Email us today at, or call 310-274-5312.

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