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Blog post By Paula Chiocchi on 2016-02-10

Ah, Valentine’s Day is almost here (Sunday, February 14) and that means love is in the air. For B2B marketers who love ROI, targeted video is on fire lately, and it’s changing the game in email marketing. Here’s why:

According to a recent study by the Web Video Marketing Council, 96% of B2B marketers are now using video, recognizing its value for engaging audiences and rising above the noise in a crowded market. Another study revealed that nearly 52% of marketing professionals name video as the content that delivers the best ROI. And consider this: shoppers who view video are almost twice as likely to purchase than non-viewers.

If the above stats aren’t convincing enough, here are three more reasons for marketers to fall in love again with video and include it in upcoming campaigns:

  1. Video costs are decreasing: In the past, the desire for high-quality content prompted most marketers to seek out high-end professional video production services. But due to costs, many used these services sparingly. Today, every phone is a video camera, and many viewers are used to—and even prefer—more direct and trustworthy home-grown video efforts as opposed to slick, corporate-looking commercials. That’s one reason why video costs have plummeted, and it explains the value of delivering authentic content. The added bonus is that marketers can now produce timely videos themselves, and not wait months for the professionals to do it for them.
  2. Corporate video is evolving: Traditionally, video content has been used primarily for one-to-many communications and considered a passive experience for viewers. New technologies, however, are making it easier for B2B marketers to turn videos into more dynamic, one-to-one viewer experiences. According to Marketing Profs, “overlaid data collection forms, mid-roll surveys and questionnaires, and choose-your-own-adventure style videos will make 2016 the year that interactive video content begins to enter the mainstream.” Tools for adding personalization will be another big reason it continues to grow in popularity. Also, eye-popping 4K video is now being adopted by the major camera manufacturers, including GoPro and Sony, paving the way for further opportunities ahead for powerful engagement with customers and prospects.
  3. Video has an impact throughout the buying journey: Using online research, buyers are already positioned 90% of the way through their purchasing journey before ever reaching out to a vendor. Here’s where the power of video comes on strong. As Marketing Profs has noted, in the early pre-purchase stages, video is ideal for showing how products work to address customers’ needs. In the middle buying stages, video is ideal for proving your product’s worth through use cases or user testimonials. To close the sale, marketers can send customized demos or use video to illustrate what it’s like to interact with their business. A recent study from Ascend2 found that customer testimonials, demo videos and explainer/tutorial videos were the most effective at helping convert leads into customers.

The bottom line is that marketers have learned that video is much more than fluff. It now has a purpose: it is ideal for enriching the customer journey at all stages, illustrating your value proposition quickly and clearly, and converting prospects into buyers.

What’s not to love about that?



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