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Blog post By Paula Chiocchi on 2024-01-03

After decades of delivering high ROl, email’s still got it and is retaining its position as the go-to channel for marketers in 2024. Recent studies underscore its staying power across key metrics:


  • Main Budget Item: New findings from the 2024 B2B Marketing Mix report, which surveyed 2,400 B2B marketing professionals across diverse industries, showed that 20% of respondents consider email marketing to be a main budget item.


  • Top Lead Source: When it comes to lead gen, the same report shows that email shines bright with 32% of B2B marketers considering it to be a top lead source -- a 10% increase over 2022.


  • Customer Acquisition Tool: A recent study revealed that 53% of respondents are successfully using email to find new customers, and 77% of those surveyed believe acquisition campaigns deliver higher ROI when they include email.


  • Email Volume Rising: The State of Messaging report by and noted a 26% increase in email volume and an estimated 44% increase in brands using two or more channels, such as email and push, SMS and/or in-app notifications. Those using email, SMS and push notifications saw a 913% higher conversion rate compared to using only email.


Valuable Anchor for Omnichannel


Email’s value for omnichannel strategies is clear. MediaPost reports a 44% hike in brands using two or more channels, including these combinations: 

  • Email + push—6.9 billion volume
  • Email + SMS — 3.2 billion volume
  • Email + push + SMS — 2.8 billion volume
  • Email + push + in-app — 2.6 billion volume
  • Email + in-app — 1.4 billion volume
  • Email + push + in-app — 1. billion volume

Tips for Effective Lead Gen and Customer Acquisition


If you’re not already using email for lead generation and customer acquisition, here are a few quick tips to keep in mind to get started and optimize your results in 2024:


  1. Use the right data. When you need to generate significant impact to grow your business, third-party email acquisition data is the answer.


  1. Choose the right platform. Sending acquisition campaigns through a CRM is not only potentially against the platform’s policy, but it can also create deliverability issues and result in lower open rates. Fortunately, there are other options: acquisition email platforms are purpose-built for reaching out to “cold” contacts – people you haven’t engaged with before.


  1. Try new strategies. Email’s relatively low cost makes it ideal for trying new strategies and adapting as you go. From leveraging data matching platforms to deterministic intent data insights, email seamlessly incorporates new data strategies.


Go here for our blog, which takes a deeper dive into using email acquisition campaigns to drive business growth.


Email marketing may not be the newest tool in the shed, but it continues to reinvent itself and adapt to modern marketing technology. Its capacity to generate leads and seamlessly integrate means this not-so-new channel is one to watch—and leverage accordingly. Look for it to continue to shine in the New Year!


Reach out to our team with any questions on email acquisition, lead gen strategy, marketing data, omnichannel marketing, and much more. We are ready to assist you in achieving your sales and marketing goals in 2024!

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