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Blog post By Paula Chiocchi on 2023-11-15

With 2024 planning in full swing, CMOs and marketing leaders are facing even more pressure to make every dollar count. Yet one threat is largely overlooked, wasting an estimated $84 billion across ad budgets this year alone.

At OMI we’re sounding the alarm: ad fraud is a huge threat, not only to your budget, but also your reputation.

Ad fraud directly affects the efficacy and integrity of advertising campaigns, lowering ROI and fragmenting your efforts on leads that go nowhere (because they’re not even real people). But OMI’s recent research with Ascend2 indicates that many enterprise marketers aren’t prioritizing the issue.

I’ve written about digital ad fraud on this blog before, and recently had the opportunity to share it with the Forbes community. In the article I share four strategies to fight back:

  1. Start with people-based data.
  2. Get a more complete prospect profile with multi-source data.
  3. Use deterministic intent data to zero in on top prospects.
  4. Make media activation more transparent.

Ultimately, it starts with awareness and education. We’re taking a stand at OMI to create change and transparency for the betterment of everyone in the advertising/digital marketing industry. Ad fraud is—or should be—a big concern for all marketing leaders. But really, it’s an important issue for everyone involved in digital marketing: marketers, advertisers, buyers, data and tech providers, and others suffer when the integrity of advertising is diminished by ad fraud. If we’re going to see real change on this front, we all have to step up.


You can read the full article, “Ad Fraud: The Biggest Threat To The Advertising Industry” here. Reach out to our team to discuss how to apply our ad fraud prevention strategies to your business.

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