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Blog post By Paula Chiocchi on 2023-08-09

Your prospective customers represent the future of your business, so making a positive first impression on them counts. And to do that today, you need hyper-personalization.

Effective hyper-personalization is anchored by a hyper-targeted data and audience strategy that enables you to show your prospects that you know them – their characteristics, interests, preferences, challenges, and goals. As experts in digital audience building, my team uses these five steps to optimize the way we identify precisely-targeted prospects while also gaining valuable data insights that set the stage for successful hyper-personalization:


  1. Analyze Your Current Customers

Begin by analyzing your existing customer data to identify the common traits of your customers, as well as bring to light any trends and common pain points, which you can use to target new prospects who share these characteristics. For example, if your data shows that a significant portion of your existing customers are from the healthcare industry and hold leadership positions, you can use this insight to target other healthcare leaders who may have similar needs and challenges.

  1. Leverage Intent Data

Intent data can uncover potential customers who are actively seeking solutions like yours. It provides valuable information about prospects' online behavior, indicating their interest and readiness to make a purchase. Combining intent data with high-quality proprietary data, you can engage with these active prospects at the right moment in the buying journey, precisely targeting them with timely content and offers that align with their specific interests.

It’s important to know whether your intent data is deterministic or probabilistic. Deterministic intent monitoring allows you to target those individuals who are most likely to convert. It allows for greater targeting at the individual level -- versus probabilistic approaches, which are primarily driven by company IP address identification. Unlike probabilistic methods, with deterministic approaches you won’t risk the chance of targeting the wrong prospect using a shared device, such as in a household. You can read more about the deterministic strategy we use here.

  1. Discover New Audiences

Intent data insights offer a powerful way to better understand the characteristics of prospect audiences, enabling you to possibly unlock a new segment of potential customers. For example, if all of your current customers are in a specific industry like healthcare, you may not realize businesses in another industry could also be interested in what you offer. If your ongoing intent data feeds are showing a surge of people from another industry (like telecom or hospitality) searching for your solution, you may have a new segment to target. You can use those intent insights to build a target audience and campaigns that address pain points specific to that segment.

  1. Build & Segment Your Audience

Proprietary third-party contact data lets you expand your marketing campaign reach to a wealth of prospective buyers in a way that’s simply not possible with your own first-party data. Using online and offline factors you can narrow and segment the contacts to match your ideal audience. Proprietary data can target all the way down to the individual decision-maker level based on device attributes, so you know you are reaching the right individual for your offers. To accomplish this, at OMI we use deterministic cross-device tracking, which utilizes consumer logins as an identifier to match multiple devices to a single user instead of a group of users based on device attributes. e. This method tends to have higher accuracy than probabilistic strategies since consumer login information is unique to an individual.

  1. Media Activation

We’ve entered the age of digital media activation, where precise audience targeting and optimized campaign performance go hand in hand. At OMI, we've formed a powerful partnership with a leading data consortium specializing in media activation and programmatic digital media buying. By harnessing our massive B2B contact database, we empower media buyers to engage and activate audiences with pinpoint accuracy based on intent, functions, seniority, or department. Our media activation services address B2BC segments, give you access to premium media inventory at discounts of 15-20%, and are safeguarded by robust anti-bot measures. We’ll cover this in more detail on the blog soon – stay tuned!

Hyper-personalization starts with defining, targeting, and even scaling a precise audience of decision-makers and building out everything else from there -- from content to channels, media selection, and more. By using data-driven strategies like the five we’ve shared here, you’ll realize stronger campaign ROI and a more loyal, engaged following of customers and prospects.


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