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Blog post By Paula Chiocchi on 2022-11-16

Email remains a top channel, especially for enterprise marketers.

To explore how and why it is making an impact, OMI recently partnered with Ascend2 to survey 133 enterprise marketers (working for companies with 500 or more employees). The results spotlight how enterprise leaders are executing email to maximize results, providing insight for others to draw upon. We’re releasing the study findings in the hopes that as you make your 2023 marketing plans, these and other top takeaways will guide your success:

  • Enterprise marketers continue to rely on email to achieve their strategic objectives, with 94% agreeing that executing an effective email marketing program will be a critical part of the overall success of a marketing strategy in the year ahead. When it comes to a successful email program, over two-thirds of respondents are experiencing some success, with 28% indicating their email strategy is very successful.


  • Another strong point of email marketing is the ease and clarity of A/B testing. Email personalization tactics, timing and frequency of email sends, and CTAs are the most important tests to perform, according to the marketers surveyed.


  • AI has moved to the forefront in marketing. The research covers email trends in the coming year, how marketers are measuring the impact of email, and the future of AI in email marketing. Check out our recent blog for more insight on this topic.

In my experience, hearing what’s working and what’s not for other marketers—like what’s detailed in this report—is one of the best ways to identify effective tools and strategies to try next. Staying on top of trends and industry research is increasingly important in our changing business environment. At OMI, we’re proud to share the research conducted in partnership with Ascend2 and hope it is valuable for you and your organization. 

The full survey, “Email Marketing: New Research for the Enterprise Marketer,” is available for download here.

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