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Blog post By Paula Chiocchi on 2022-07-20

Recently my team executed an email acquisition campaign for a Fortune 500 client – a leading telecom provider. In the snapshot below, you’ll see how we transformed their approach to email delivery and revitalized their acquisition campaign strategy, achieving a significant boost in ROI. Read on and enjoy! For the complete case study, go here.

Leading Telecom Provider Boosts Acquisition Campaign Deliverability and ROI with OMI Email Strategy

With lower than expected cold email delivery rates and prospect conversions, a telecom provider recently came to us needing a solution for improving ROI across their acquisition campaigns. After experiencing email delivery problems for new campaign offers for its fiber internet service, they were looking for a way to increase delivery rates to contacts within its fiber-lit buildings footprint. Additionally, they had these concerns:

  • The telecom provider was unable to use its own CRM platform for new business development due to today’s strict terms and restrictions governing email sender reputations.
  • They were looking for an email marketing test campaign to solve the deliverability problem and increase sales.

Drawing upon its experience working with OMI, with strong results from 2013-2018, the client turned to us once again, not only for our deep knowledge of email marketing and deliverability but also for our accurate B2B contact data to power the email campaigns.

OMI presented the concept of “warming up” the contacts by sending the first “cold” email through OMI’s email platform. Contacts that opened or clicked the initial email would be transferred on an automated basis to the telecom provider’s CRM platform for ongoing outreach for products and services.

We proposed and executed a 90-day email transmission and campaign management pilot campaign consisting of 250k contacts three times per month for three months, with an additional 250k unique contacts each for the second and third months. Of the 750k records in the campaign, approximately 40% were sourced from OMI data and the balance came from other data vendors. Using two platforms to deliver the emails, OMI was able to transfer contacts that engaged with the content to the client’s CRM platform.

The Outcome:

  • OMI delivered nearly 56,000 contacts to the client’s CRM platform, driving strong fiber internet sales and setting the stage for future opportunities for upselling.
  • The first and second campaign wave realized 150 sales, resulting in $500k in LTV and achieving an ROI of 25 to 1 based on the transmission costs.
  • Total LTV ROI for the campaign was $1MM, with half of the revenue attributed to direct mail, with one piece sent by the client, and the other half attributed to OMI’s three email transmissions.
  • The campaign achieved an average deliverability rate of 92.66% by the third wave.
  • Going forward, OMI is in position to continue to send initial emails for new contacts and transfer engaged contacts to the CRM platform.
  • In OMI, the telecom provider has found a consistently reliable email transmission partner and B2B contact data provider.

“OMI’s expertise in email marketing data and deliverability has proven to be valuable in both targeting and reaching contacts to drive new business development. We look forward to continuing our relationship and having OMI’s support in our acquisition initiatives.” – Marketing Executive, Leading Telecom Provider

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