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Blog post By Paula Chiocchi on 2020-12-24

With all that’s happened this year, what topics did digital marketers really care about in 2020?


Our year-end Google Analytics numbers provide an answer by revealing which OMI blogs received the most traffic. Here are the top 10:



10) Drive Business Outcomes with These 4 B2B Content Marketing Strategies: With 92% of B2B purchases starting online, content marketing has become a growing priority for businesses of all types and sizes. Read the full blog from February 2020 here.


9) Reset Your Lead Gen ROI: 5 New Year’s Resolutions for Email Marketers: Marketers who regularly assess their overall data health, maintain list cleanliness and bolster their lists to scale their lead generation initiatives will be in position to stand out from the competition. Read the full blog from January 2020 here.


8) News Flash: Data Is Still the Biggest Marketing Challenge: When data is prioritized, it can be a competitive differentiator, so the incentive to double down on data initiatives is strong and growing. Read the full blog from May 2020 here.


7) Your Email List Just Got Way More Important: 4 Steps to Clean It Up Fast: With many marketers facing budget cuts, the pressure is on to clean up your list fast. Read the full blog from April 2020 here.


6) Email Marketing is Evolving: 4 Keys to Success in 2020: Data from Chief Marketer shows how the email marketing landscape continues to evolve, yet also stays the same – perched right at the top in terms of delivering marketing ROI. Read the full blog from January 2020 here.


5) Don’t Be Tone Deaf: 7 Email Marketing Tips for Challenging Times: It may not be business as usual, but there are ways to acquire new business. Before you hit send on a new campaign, here’s what you should consider for email marketing in the midst of a crisis. Read the full blog from April 2020 here.


4) 5 Content Types that Move Prospects Thru the Sales Funnel Via Email: Content plays an important role in moving prospects through the sales funnel. Here are the top five content types – ranked by Chief Marketer for their effectiveness – along with email marketing takeaways. Read the full blog from March 2020 here.


3) Two New Ways to Use Data to Adapt to Today’s Changing B2B Sales Landscape: As B2B sellers have had to rethink their strategies for today’s sales landscape and the current global crises, new data-driven methods like intent monitoring and identity graphs are enabling teams to efficiently and accurately expand acquisition reach and relevance. Read the full blog from October 2020 here.


2) Still The One: 5 Big Reasons Marketers Love Email: Despite an infatuation some marketers may have with new channels, email has proven it’s the channel that can be relied upon consistently for generating new leads, increasing conversions, and deepening customer relationships. Read the full blog from February 2020 here.


And finally, the top OMI blog post for 2020...


1) A Living File Approach – 3 Tips for More Successful Marketing Campaigns: Each record of contact data represents a real person – and like people, data changes. That’s why at OMI we view data as a “Living FileTM” that needs to be regularly maintained and updated to accurately reflect the contact person it represents. Read the full blog from January 2020 here.


After years of writing this blog and decades of experience in the industry, it’s still always interesting to see which posts gained traction and really resonated with readers. This year many of you were reading our blogs on pivoting your marketing in the pandemic, optimizing content, and everything data – from new data strategies like intent monitoring and identity graphs, to the importance of data cleansing. Let us know if there are other topics you’d like to read more about in the coming year. And as always, our team stands ready to support you in your digital marketing needs.


From all of us at OMI, we wish you a joyous season, a Happy New Year, and success in 2021!



Outward Media’s proven data cleansing services and targeted, accurate B2B data can enable you to achieve better digital marketing ROI and, ultimately, convert more prospects into customers. Read about our innovative approach to ABM account targeting here.

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