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Blog post By Paula Chiocchi on 2020-07-29


As many of us have already learned this year, to get new business and stay successful, you’ve got to get creative. And to find new leads, that means reaching the right decision-makers -- whether they’re in the office or, as a recent headline in The New York Times phrased it, “logged on from the laundry room.” Here are 4 ways to use data to do just that and at the same time keep a focus on where your prospects are in the buying journey. After all, knowing when to reach them is just as important as knowing where and how to reach them.


  1. Connect Data for Complete Records

Maintaining a useful and impactful database can be challenging. Inaccurate or incomplete records make it difficult to get a full picture of the contact – or reach them at all. A data cleansing service can append records by removing, correcting and replacing inaccurate data to provide increased deliverability and engagement. Additionally, marketers can use third-party data from a reputable provider to create a more complete customer profile. Especially now as many decision-makers are working from home, on their personal devices, and even using their personal email accounts, third-party data can fill-in the missing pieces and match a contact’s personal records to their professional one. This enables marketers to close the loop and reach executives in the office or their home office -- and everywhere in between.


  1. Identify the Right Executives Behind the Online Behavior

Intent monitoring is growing in use with marketers – and for good reason – but it has its limitations. Buyer intent signals can be obtained through monitoring online activities, such as website visits, content downloads, product reviews and more. However, intent data typically identifies the company behind the action, leaving marketing teams without the information they need to reach individual executives within those companies. But, by combining powerful intent monitoring data with high-quality business contact data, you can take your prospect research to the next level and identify the most likely buyers for your solution based on job title and function.  


  1. Create a Larger Pool of Prospects

The combined approach of intent monitoring and contact data can also be used to identify the types of companies that might be looking for your solution or offering. Through a process called audience mirroring, you can use data to zero in on executives within businesses that are similar to those you’ve already identified to create a larger pool of prospects to target.


  1. Amplify Your Messages with Omni-Channel Marketing

Combining intent data with prospect contact data can enable marketers to reach specific, qualified and interested executives -- individuals that are actively searching for your solution or similar solutions, as well as those prospects that mirror your other targets. With a complete view of the customer profile, this combined data can be integrated and applied to targeted audience campaigns spanning email acquisition marketing, social networks, programmatic display ads and more to fuel a more targeted omni-channel approach. When multiple channels are used, executives will be more likely to see your messages and more likely to remember them, engage with them and take action.


In the digital world, reaching the right target at the right time means tracking behavior online. But it isn’t enough to track it – you must be able to identify the right decision-makers behind that behavior. And with many people working from home, even if you identify the right decision-maker it can be difficult to actually reach them. High-quality third-party data provides the missing pieces that enable you to close the loop and reach the right executives at the right time.



Outward Media’s proven data cleansing services and targeted, accurate B2B data can enable you to achieve better digital marketing ROI and, ultimately, convert more prospects into customers. Take a look at our case studies to find out more.

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