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Blog post By Paula Chiocchi on 2020-06-10

In trying times, when it's hard to focus, I rely more than ever on the wisdom and advice that has shaped my career. In much the same way, I have been fortunate to have the opportunity to offer my insight and best practices to others. Recently, my advice on an array of marketing-related topics has been shared in a series of Forbes articles. I thought I would highlight 10 of my recent quotes below in hopes that you will find them of value for your business.


  1. “Review the data points that reflect the greatest impact on revenue growth and ROI. Focus on the big picture – the business outcomes. In digital marketing, these outcomes are most often driven by quality data – data that allows marketers to engage with the right customers or prospects at the right time on their journey with the business.”

13 Effective Ways To Interpret Marketing Data And Get Actionable Answers


  1. By connecting intent data to quality business contact data through company IP address matching, marketers can precisely identify the correct company targets – who are ready to buy – and improve ABM results, efficiency and ROI.”

13 Top Tips For Creating An Effective Account-Based Marketing Strategy


  1. “Be sure your email message and layout render correctly on mobile devices – 80% of recipients will delete it if it doesn’t and 30% will unsubscribe entirely. Make your message concise for today's short attention spans ... and be sure to test your message on multiple devices.”

How To Make An Email Marketing Campaign More Mobile-Friendly: 11 Actionable Tips


  1. “IP address tracking offers a powerful way to improve cost-effectiveness around personalization with prospective customers. By working with a data provider to secure contacts aligned with company IP addresses that have digitally demonstrated ‘buyer intent signals,’ you can target personalized campaigns at contacts who are ‘ready to buy now’ or who have already expressed an interest to purchase.”

14 Tips For Personalizing Marketing Campaigns On A Budget


  1. “... targeting and reaching prospective clients, no matter their size, takes time and expertise. Our strategy for pitching larger-scale clients is to have proof points of our success with other similar size clients, in similar industries. The key is focusing on the impact we can have on the ‘whale's’ profits and revenues.”

How To Approach A Larger Client: 13 Essential Strategies For Crafting The Perfect Pitch


  1. Microinfluencers in the business-to-business space are growing in importance. These business professionals wield influence within a very specific target audience. Working with several microinfluencers at one time can drive incremental awareness and business growth for an organization.”

12 Upcoming Trends In Influencer Marketing


  1. “To demonstrate the value of our data services to prospects and new customers, we take a highly consultative approach, and we perform proof-of-concept testing and pilot campaigns to test how messages resonate with new audiences. Letting new clients experience our expertise and the potential impact of our work early – such as the ability to zero in on the right prospects – is powerful.”

13 Best Ways To Delight And Surprise Your Customers


  1. “Money talks and stakeholders will pay attention to the results generated by the MTA model. Marketers need to focus on those results to get the C-suite and others on board. And when it comes to MTA and determining the most cost-effective channel for lead generation and ROI, one tip to remember is that email still matters – marketers consistently rank it at the top.”

Implementing Multi-Touch Attribution Systems: How To Get Key Stakeholder Buy-In


  1. “Intent data will rise in importance, offering marketers the ability to reach the right prospect with the right message at exactly the right time in the buying journey. We see great potential in combining intent data with high-quality, targeted business contact data to empower marketers to truly take their data-based marketing campaigns to the next level and drive stronger impact and ROI.”

15 Top Marketing Trends That May Impact 2020


  1. In the end, we all want to see results. When creating campaigns for ‘unsexy’ topics, we focus on the most important result that the product or service delivers, whether it's revenue, new customers or ROI. In our experience, results get attention. It's that simple.”

 — How To Market 'Unsexy' Products: 15 Effective Methods


With more than two decades leading OMI in the business contact data and email marketing services sectors, I have always been committed to supporting others in growing their careers. I enjoy sharing what I’ve learned with others, and strongly believe that so much more can be achieved when we support one another and work together.



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