Blogs State of Email Marketing Report: 6 Top Takeaways

Written by Paula Chiocchi on 2015-04-22


Open rates. Click-throughs. Qualified leads delivered. As any good marketer knows, it’s important to employ robust metrics to track the performance and impact of your email marketing campaigns. That’s because your success – and perhaps even your employment status – may depend on your ability to accurately measure and report on your overall progress.

But how does your approach to email marketing stack up against your peers? A new report, “Email Marketing Industry Census 2015” by Econsultancy, yields some interesting benchmarking insights. Here are six key metrics and takeaways from the report:

  1. More Email Leads to Better Results: It seems the main way marketers improve their results is simply by sending more emails. According to the report, 41% of marketers send less than 50,000 emails a month and 22% send more than 1 million.
  2. Email Takes a Commitment: Of course, sending large volumes of emails takes investments in time and money—two things that are usually in short supply for most marketers. Fortunately, keeping email spending in check is not difficult: 61% of marketers designate 10% or less of their marketing budgets to email. The larger investment may be spent more in terms of time: according to the survey, marketers will spend up to two hours per campaign working on the following related activities: reporting (71%), transmission (68%) and data (58%).
  3. Segmentation Trumps Spend: So what are these precious resources going toward? According to the report, 76% of marketers say basic segmentation is the largest part of their email marketing efforts. Also taking up the most time were optimizing email for mobile devices (61%), prompting content sharing on social media (56%) and list cleansing (50%).
  4. Email Remains a Great Performer and Investment: Marketers consider email a beneficial investment, the report findings revealed: 44% of marketers consider their email campaign performance average, compared to 37% who consider it good and 4% who consider it excellent. Also, 22% of marketers consider email excellent in terms of return on investment (ROI).
  5. Email Challenges Are Internal: If marketers face any challenges when it comes to email, they are internal issues. For instance, the quality of their email database is a top challenge for 54% of marketers, followed by lack of strategy (46%), lack of integration (43%) and lack of segmentation (42%).
  6. Marketers Are Optimistic about the Future: While marketers know that the email landscape is constantly twisting and turning, most are committed to following this long and windy road. Up to 84% of the report’s respondents say they somewhat or strongly agree that their email systems will be fully integrated with other marketing channels within five years’ time; 76% believe that all email communications will be personalized; and 74% say that email will continue to be one of the highest ROI-generating marketing channels. 

The bottom line: while your struggles and challenges may be shared by your fellow email marketers, the investment in budget and time continues to pay dividends in terms of results. And that’s the best measurements any marketer would be pleased to communicate.




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