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Blog post By Paula Chiocchi on 2018-09-26

It’s no secret that the more relevant your email content, the more likely it will be opened and acted-on by your audience. And one of the best ways to deliver on-target content to your prospects and customers is by segmenting your email list.


I’ve written previously about the importance of database segmentation, which is done simply by splitting up your email list based on a number of specific criteria or conditions. According to eMarketer, 39% of marketers who segment their email lists achieve superior open rates, 28% enjoy lower opt-out and unsubscribe rates, and 24% increase email deliverability, sales leads, and generated revenue.


With these benefits in mind, here are four easy ways to segment your email content to win more customers:


  1. Collect something different: In thinking about your ideal customers, what’s a unique data field that you can include on your subscriber form that you can use for marketing purposes later? For example, if you run a commercial real estate business, knowing your prospects’ lease end dates can enable you to reach out to them with timely offers and promotions. Your customers may be happy to provide this data – they know that you can provide more valuable information to them with that knowledge in hand. You might also consider asking for additional data on your forms (their preferred office amenities) but make such info optional for those who are less enthusiastic about providing it for any reason.


  1. Think locally: Segmenting your customers by regional location can guide them to stores, opportunities or promotions near them. B2B marketers can use location data to drive prospects to nearby presentations, trade show exhibits, sales road shows, or other events where your organization may be participating or speaking.


  1. Leverage your sale cycle: If your product is complex or has a longer sales cycle, it might not make sense to send your limited-time purchase incentive email to someone who just downloaded your “Beginners Guide.” For longer sales cycles, consider segmenting your prospects by their particular stage of the buying cycle – and deliver content that will help move them to the next stage. (See my previous blog on targeting different phases of the buying cycle.)


  1. Get personal: Personalized email messages result in 6X higher transaction rates. Applied towards segmentation, that might mean creating special offers for college students, retirees, business travelers, office managers – the list of possibilities goes on and on. The key here is to segment your audience as tightly as possible with personal attributes that enable you to create a very specific message, look, feel and offer that is targeted to your specific customer segment.


Delivering specific, targeted messages to focused, smaller groups of your email list is one of the best ways to increase your email content relevancy – and improve interest and engagement with your desired customers. What challenges do you face when it comes to using segmentation with your email campaigns? Let me know – I’d like to hear from you!



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