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Blog post By Paula Chiocchi on 2018-08-29

Delivering content to C-level executives can yield big results for email marketers. These executives are pure gold – their influence is indisputable and they are often the decision maker. They can even be the end user of the solution you are selling as well.


A new report by Greentarget shows email is the best channel for reaching top executives. But it takes the right approach. Here are some of the report findings along with my suggestions for maximizing email success with your C-suite targets:


  • Communicate on their terms: According to the report, email is the most read business medium by executives: 55% check emails daily -- higher than traditional media, social media and industry association sources. But to get through to these execs, it’s important to quickly convey how you can add value in supporting their business initiatives. Don’t lead with your company, products or awards – any engagement with the C-suite must start with communicating on their terms.


  • Email must deliver value: To open a message, 71% of executives say it has to offer value or utility, 69% say they are influenced by the source, and 52% will open an email if it has an intriguing subject line. So do your homework to clearly understand your targets’ challenges and priorities and consider how to best present your offer or your business as a solution. Taking a consultative approach in serving executives’ needs (as opposed to just pushing your products) is the best way to inspire a response.


  • Executives value content collection and use cases: In these days of information overload, executives appreciate clear, valuable guidance and advice from a trusted source. You can save them some time by collecting relevant articles or research and curating it into a single email message, such as a well-written newsletter. In addition, you can establish credibility and trust through relevant examples and use cases that show how other customers handled a similar initiative, and the financial impact, KPI (key performance indicators) and improvements they achieved.


  • Stick to the facts and figures: When it comes to reaching top-level executives, stick to facts and figures and actionable insights. They want quantifiable data on how your solution impacts their KPIs and financial performance. Business outcomes are their top priority and your job is to fuel their ability to deliver them.


Targeting executives is never easy – by investing the time to deliver value, data and examples you’ll find your way to reaching the top of the business pyramid with your email campaigns. What approach for getting through to the C-Suite has worked best for you?


Outward Media’s accurate, targeted email data can enable you to achieve better email marketing ROI by targeting your best prospects – including top-level executives -- and, ultimately, converting more prospects into customers. Take a look at our case studies to find out more.

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