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Blog post By Paula Chiocchi on 2017-03-15

I’m a big proponent of industry events, especially those events dedicated to B2B marketing and focused on helping companies generate greater revenue. Although virtual meetings are valuable and time saving, as are other methods of communication, there’s nothing like speaking face to face with your customers or prospects, or connecting with leaders in your industry in real life.


One conference OMI is very pleased to sponsor and participate in this year is Global Business Intelligence’s CMO 100, which is a series of events that will be held in Los Angeles (mid-March), London, Boston and San Francisco. At several of these conferences my team and I will be actively involved in roundtable discussions covering a broad range of marketing topics and disciplines. Of course, while we will be the resident experts on B2B email marketing for customer acquisition, I know I will enjoy gaining insight into new ideas and best practices from my marketing colleagues around the world.


The CMO 100 events are “must-attend” conferences for executive marketing management and will focus on the digital enterprise and how CMOs can leverage technology to support corporate goals and deliver competitive advantage. The events will offer panel discussions and hands-on workshops on a range of marketing topics and best practices. Event speakers include the CMOs from PepsiCo, Hilton and Best Buy – some pretty heavy hitters indeed.



I’m a firm believer in personal and professional development. I realize marketers are typically very busy in their daily lives, but the ability to step away from the daily grind to hear from successful CMOs will invariably pay dividends. It’s well worth the time investment and I encourage all my clients and colleagues to come join us at one of these events.


I will have more on my speaking session, some pictures, and my thoughts and takeaways from the events in the months ahead, so stay tuned. If you’d like to attend one of the events near you, visit the CMO 100 website for more information. Hope to see you there!






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