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The world has gone mobile in a big way, and B2B marketers must make every effort to ensure that their email campaigns are easily readable on mobile devices. Recent studies show that nearly half of all emails are read on mobile devices worldwide, and significantly higher for certain email inbox providers. For example, 75% of Gmail users access their accounts on mobile devices.


Not sure you’re covering all the bases where mobile email marketing is concerned? Here are 10 design tips to ensure your efforts are on point:


  1. Break up text: Sending someone a large block of text these days is like giving them a painful chore – one most will simply ignore. Besides, people on the go – running through airports or riding on a train – are seldom able to read long emails. They’re more likely to quickly scan and scroll to derive meaning and value. Make it easier on them by keeping messages concise, breaking up text, using headlines and bullets, and incorporating some white space within your messages.


  1. Use only single-column text: Multiple columns of text increase the risk of emails not rendering correctly on mobile devices, or making your readers have to zoom in and out. Using a simple, single-column design allows for proper rendering and easier text resizing for mobile devices.


  1. Increase font size: Ever open an email (or website) only to see font that’s too small to read -- and not able to be easily resized or magnified? (Me too.) Increasing the default font size will ensure the readability and clarity of your message. At OMI we suggest a minimum 14-point size for body copy and 22 point for headlines – with dark text over a light or blank background.


  1. Use shorter subject lines: Make sure your subject lines are mobile optimized by keeping them as short as possible, and making sure the key message is delivered within the first 30 characters (anything after that point may be cut off on a mobile device).


  1. Make the CTA loud and clear: Using large buttons can be key to ensuring your mobile readers locate, understand and click on your call to action (CTA). Doing this also makes it easier for those with uncoordinated fingers! Use a single, clear CTA (as opposed to multiple options), and don’t put it too far down in your message – or you’ll risk the reader never scrolling down to see it. Tell your readers what you want them to do, and make it easy for them to do it.


  1. Use a mobile-responsive email template: This allows your content to be moved dynamically and allows for the automatic resizing of your message text and images for the appropriate mobile device in use by your email recipients.


  1. Mobile enable your landing page: If someone clicks on your (large) CTA button, make sure your landing page is also mobile enabled so you don’t lose their interest.


  1. Use images with caution: You can use an image or two to support your message, but be aware that some mobile platforms (e.g. Android) may keep images off by default, leaving only a blank white space. To battle this, include an alt-text image description in case it drops off.


  1. Provide content via popular apps: Leverage the popularity and ease of use of popular apps your audience already has and uses regularly. For example, if your CTA is an instructional, how-to video, post it on YouTube and provide the link (large box) in your email for easy access.


  1. Ensure mobile payments: Make sure you’ve enabled one-click payment ability with a major payment system like PayPal or Amazon Pay. Doing so will encourage the easy sale, and prevent the buyer from having to clumsily enter shipping and payment information on their phone.


Perhaps the best advice when it comes to mobile email marketing? Test all your messages, landing pages and payment systems on multiple mobile devices to ensure everything looks great and works flawlessly. These days, it’s important for B2B marketers to think “mobile first” in all their email activities.




Outward Media’s accurate, targeted email data can help you achieve better email marketing ROI, and ultimately, convert more prospects into customers. Ask us how. Also, take a look at our complimentary new e-book on building a successful B2B email marketing database.


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