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Blog post By Paula Chiocchi on 2021-08-04

It used to be common for a person to stay with a single company their entire career. But today, people change jobs and roles at an unprecedented rate -- a rate that has risen even higher since 2020. The result? B2B data quality is taking a hit. And with it, sales, customer acquisition and omni-channel marketing efforts are experiencing the negative impact.


As CRM data grows in complexity and volume, maintaining an accurate database through manual methods would be nearly impossible. Instead, many businesses have realized they need to turn to a data cleansing service provider to automatically purge invalid or out-of-date data without eliminating high-value prospect records or running the risk of manual typos.


CRM Database Cleansing

Fresh, accurate data is essential to fuel effective digital marketing. And for B2B marketers, account and contact cleansing and enrichment on a CRM platform is one of the best ways to get data quality up to par.


The process of data cleansing involves removing, correcting and replacing inaccurate data. Data cleansing providers will often batch clean data using a staged cleaning process that checks the data against a number of known factors. Additionally, some providers can enhance and append records to strengthen the accuracy of the full record and the contacts associated with it. Accurate B2B contact data not only allows marketers to deliver messages to the intended recipients, it also opens the doors for new opportunities in the following ways:


Sales: A CRM with stale or inaccurate data impacts the efficiency and effectiveness of sales reps—from missed quotes and upsell/cross-sell opportunities to a negative customer experience. Even if a program is augmented by AI, well-designed algorithms won’t work the way they should without quality data at the foundation. Database cleansing can get your CRM back to peak performance, enriching account and contact data to empower sales teams to reach the right people with the right quotes and offers.


Customer Acquisition: When looking for new customers, it’s common to source data from multiple providers. But most third-party data providers offer varying levels of quality, leaving gaps in your ability to effectively target the right contacts at scale. A database cleansing service can cleanse, enrich and augment third-party data, regardless of source, to strengthen business development efforts, expand business reach, and drive more efficiency in sales.


Omni-channel Marketing: Buyers today expect a seamless experience, with targeted, relevant ads delivered across channels and on their preferred devices. But achieving this is challenging with data sourced from multiple vendors and each vendor bringing differing degrees of quality to the table—across postal, phone, email, URL and other channel points. Database cleansing results in higher levels of data quality and email deliverability, and ultimately higher campaign ROI. And because the entire record is cleansed, the full breadth of omni-channel initiatives will be positively impacted.


OMI’s Data Cleansing & Enrichment Services

Here’s how our cleansing process works at OMI: We run a deep cleanse on a CRM database as a batch project, covering all the channel points and data sources. We not only remove—but also replace—bad contact data with accurate fresh data, including email addresses, to strengthen the accuracy of the full record and the contacts associated with it. You can also search on-demand across OMI’s 78MM+ contacts and associated company records to identify new contacts and companies for customer acquisition, upsell and cross-sell opportunities. From there, fresh contact and account data is maintained with monthly data refresh/synchronization services.


And if you use Eloqua, OMI’s database cleansing and enrichment services are available through the Oracle Partner program. Our solution is fully integrated with Oracle CX Sales and B2B Service, Oracle Customer Data Management, and Oracle Eloqua.


It’s easy to see why database cleansing has become a necessity for B2B marketing today. In addition to increased deliverability and engagement, with accurate data you also get deep insights into your audience so that you can target the right messages to the right contacts and accounts at the right time.


Download a free copy of The Power Of Deep Database Cleansing here and contact us today if you’re ready to get your data quality back where it should be so your digital marketing initiatives can reach their full potential.



Outward Media’s proven data cleansing services and targeted, accurate B2B data can enable you to achieve better digital marketing ROI and, ultimately, convert more prospects into customers. Go here to find out about leveraging our SMB and medical market data on the LiveRamp Data Marketplace.

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