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Finding buyers "In-Market" ready to buy is the goal of every marketing campaign. Digital Intent Monitoring allows you to do that by combining high-quality business contact data with digital intent signals. Bringing these two data sets together allows you to identify prospects by company and job function who have done research or engaged with industry specific content online.


Account-based marketing (ABM) has reached critical mass, but when it comes to enabling sales teams to connect with the right decision makers at the right time in the buying journey, it often falls short. It falls short due to invalid or an incomplete list of related contacts.

  • Finding buyers ”In-Market”
  • Improving marketing efficiency
  • Not enough time
  • Not enough know-how to manage a digital campaign with intent


OMI is on the cutting edge of a new approach to ABM account targeting, combining powerful intent monitoring data with high-quality business contact data to enable businesses of all types and sizes to identify decision makers who are ready to buy now.

How It Works

ABM may have originated out of targeting larger, enterprise accounts, but it is now moving "down market" for use in targeting SMBs. While many enterprise contacts can typically be found online, SMB contacts can be more challenging to locate: they are usually more complex, leave less of an online footprint, and change more frequently. But there’s good news -- marketers interested in applying ABM to the SMB market can turn to OMI. We’re the gold standard in accurate SMB contact data.

Buyer intent signals can be obtained through monitoring online activities, such as website visits, content downloads, product reviews and more. However, intent data can only go so far, as it primarily uncovers company data -- through captured IP addresses. Cookies also have similar limitations. This leaves ABM teams without the information they need to reach individuals executives within those companies in an accurate and timely manner. OMI has the answer: As cookies, IP addresses and intent data surges to specific content on the internet, OMI can map that data to our business contact data. This allows marketers to drill down and identify the individual executives behind the digital behavior - individuals who hold high promise of becoming a customer.

The combined approach above can also be used to identify the types of companies that might be looking for your solution or offering. In this way, using a process called audience mirroring, OMI’s data allows you to zero in on the decision makers within businesses that are similar to those you’ve already identified with intent monitoring. This lets you create a larger, more qualified list of prospects to target.

Combining intent data with prospect contact data enables a powerful ABM approach that "closes the loop" in reaching specific, qualified and interested prospects. This combined data can be integrated across an entire marketing technology stack and applied to targeted audience campaigns across email acquisition marketing, social networks, programmatic display ads and more. This means your targets will be more likely to not only see your messages, but will also be more likely to remember them, engage with them and take action.


Marketing is delivering the right message to the right person at the right time. In the digital world, this means tracking behavior online. It isn’t enough to track it though. You must be able to identify the decision makers behind that behavior. At OMI, we uncover those contacts for you.

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