B2B Living File Database

Digital B2B Marketing Reimagined: OMI and LiveRamp

Are you looking for an audience to fuel your Display Ad campaign? What about a Social Media campaign?

Digital B2B marketing has been reimagined, with new data options for you to build your desired B2B audience. OMI has partnered with LiveRamp, making our 67MM+ business contacts available for segmenting and audience building on the LiveRamp platform. Using the LiveRamp Identity Graph, you have the flexibility to use the Demand Side Platform of your choice to fuel your digital campaigns.

  • Custom Segments available

Benefits for Agency Partners

  • Access to the largest SMB and SOHO data available for your clients’ campaigns
  • Medical vertical including doctors, nurse practitioners, nurses, dentists, clinics and hospitals are available
  • Segment and build audiences for display advertising
  • Expand your marketing reach
  • Use your existing LiveRamp account or work with us directly

Digitally Formatted

By combining OMI’s 50MM+ B2B email contacts for campaigning with display ads, you can execute a digital approach using a single anonymized ID file from a single data store. We make it simple and easy.

How It Works:

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